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    1.1 IT Business Transformation

    1.2 Process Improvement

    1.3 Operational Restructuring

    1.4 Human Resources Development

    1.5 Strategy Implementation

    1.6 Group Transformation


    You lead an excellent company, and are always looking to the future and the possibilities it holds. Brant Solutions can work with you on a range of focus areas, be it improving your profitability, HR performance, operational efficiency, to name a few. From implementing new business strategies to the most fundamental restructuring campaigns (and everything in between), we will work with a focus and attention specific to your company’s needs.




    2.1 Market Analysis and Benchmarking

    2.2 Business Planning

    2.3 Strategic Planning

    2.4 Business Model Redefinition

    2.5 International Business Development

    2.6 New business Development in Australia


    New business opportunities are always waiting to be unearthed. Brant Solutions can help you locate your next major business development campaign and work with you to build a comprehensive and practical strategy to bring it to fruition. From the most fundamental restructuring concerns to devising campaign strategies into new customer bases, we can assist and guide you with strategic and business planning, redefining new business models, and even international expansion ambitions.




    3.1 Controlling and Management Accounting
    3.2 Independent Business Review

    3.3 Cost Optimisation

    3.4 Working Capital Optimisation
    3.5 PMO Project Management

    3.6 Interim Management


    “A team of champions will never defeat a champion team”

    You know your business can do more, but the thought of delving into all those peaks and troughs is a little overwhelming? Brant Solutions can help you optimise costs and maximise profits, advise on cash-flow management, or even stock and warehousing efficiency. We can provide an independent eye with our business reviews, and even assist with interim management while your most important changes come into effect.



  • Case Studies

    Digital Transformation

    We built reliable business reporting framework for a public company in Australia. Imported, cleaned, migrated and merged data into new system. Prepared business reporting framework from cloud based solution to ERP in HQs.



    Business Transformation


    HR Business Transformation Program

    Program includes Compensation & Reward Systems, HR Management, and Change Management program. We implemented the HR solution that provided required options for clients to offer rewards-based incentives tied to company profitability, productivity, and employee performance.


    Business Development


    New Business Development in Japan

    Project involved Asian and Australia joint venture and initiated a new business development in Japan and created a joint venture company with limited resources. Negotiated a legal agreement between the new CEO, a Hong Kong law firm and Asian JV partners. This involved executing initial business activities and visiting potential clients in Japan.


    Profitability Improvement


    Group Operations Optimisation Program

    Cut group reporting time from 30 to just 12 days. Used six sigma tools, introduced DIFOT/Q (Delivery-in-Full, On-Time, With Quality) that increased from 46.3% to 67.1%. Achieved 69% of the subsidy from NSW ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) and 100% ROI in 11 months.


  • Core Values




    We will only ask the most important questions, to help you find only the most important answers.




    There is always more than one point of view, and we account for these to find the best solution to fit our clients' needs. 




    You will understand the Why, the Who and the When of every project you consult with us.








    Going above and beyond, we actively engage with your team to both identify and implement your solutions. 


  • About Us

    Brant Solutions Group was formed by the consolidation of Brant Holding, Brant IT, Brant HR, and Active PS Consulting, which has been on the market for over a decade.


    The company provides financial management, business and IT/digital transformation services. Initially started in Europe, and acquired the first Australian client in 2008 and focused to Australia in 2011.

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